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Plant Care

Care for a removable air plant, like the ones in our small or large dinos:

  • Gently remove air plant from container

  • Place air plant in a container (glass, bowl) and completely immerse the plant in room temperature water.

  • Allow air plant to soak completely covered in water for 1 hour.

  • Remove air plant from water and allow it to drain upside down on a towel for ten minutes.

  • Give the plant a good shake to ensure there isn’t any water trapped inside, and replace into its container.

  • Place your air plant in indirect bright light.

  • Water them once every two weeks.



Care for a fixed airplant, like the ones on our crystals or mini dinos:

  • Our fixed airplants are glued onto their containers with an adhesive that is waterproof and wont harm the plant. It cannot be removed, please don’t try to pull it off!

  • Using a spray bottle gently mist your air plant with room temperature tap water until the leaves turn a darker colour.

  • Give the plant a gentle shake to ensure there is no water trapped inside the plant.

  • Place your air plant in indirect bright light.

  • Mist your air plant twice a week.