Plant Care 101



Tender succulents (the kind that can only survive indoors) are desert plants that store water in their fleshy leaves, and include common species like jade, echeveria, aloe and cacti. Often people experience problems with succulents due to overwatering. Put them on a bright shelf and ignore them. They love it.

Care for succulents:

  • Place your succulent in a bright location. Some varieties, like echeveria (the ones that have a rosette growth habit) can take a fair amount of direct light. Others like haworthia, jade, or snake plants prefer indirect light. If you don't know the species of your plant, please email us a pic of your planter and we’d be very happy to advise.

  • Water your succulent well once every three weeks.

  • Some varieties like aloe, cacti, haworthia, and snake plants may even prefer only once a month. Give the leaves of your succulent a gentle squeeze. Do they feel plump and ummm, succulent? If so, you can probably wait another few days to water.

  • If your plant is living in a space that is very dry or is near a heating vent, it might require water more frequently. Do the leaves feel puckered and wrinkly? Try watering once every two weeks instead.


Air Plants

Air plants are a family of plants native to warm and humid climates. They do not require soil. Instead, they grow by anchoring their roots to any number of surfaces ie: the branches of trees, rocks, even street signs! They absorb all the moisture and nutrients they require from the humid air and rainfall through pores in their leaves called trichomes.


Care for a removable air plant, like the ones in our small or large dinos or concrete planters:

  • Gently remove air plant from container

  • Place air plant in a container (glass, bowl) and completely immerse the plant in room temperature water.

  • Allow air plant to soak completely covered in water for 1-2 hours.

  • Remove air plant from water and allow it to drain upside down on a towel for 1 hour.

  • Give the plant a good shake to ensure there isn’t any water trapped inside, and replace into its container.

  • Place your air plant in indirect bright light.

  • Water them once every two weeks.


Care for a fixed airplant, like the ones on our concrete skulls or mini dinos:

  • Our fixed airplants are glued onto their containers with an adhesive that is waterproof and wont harm the plant. It cannot be removed, please don’t try to pull it off!

  • Using a spray bottle gently mist your air plant with room temperature tap water until the leaves turn a darker colour.

  • Give the plant a gentle shake to ensure there is no water trapped inside the

  • Place your air plant in indirect bright light.

  • Mist your air plant twice a week.